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2265 Roswell Rd. Suite 100 Marietta Ga 30062
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WHY SML AUTO SALES??  It's a very simple answer... We care about what we sell. Having only a select choice of inventory allows us to give each individual vehicle the time & attention it might need. We drive our vehicles for a couple day's before putting them up for sale. This allows us to listen , feel , and service anything we might find needs to be serviced. Most dealers do not do this at all. Normally , they get a vehicle in and put it on the lot with a hundred other's. Just like that. Knowing nothing about the car.. just ready to sell it. Ask yourself.... If a dealer has a big inventory...Do you really think they service all their cars.  Most dealer's are about numbers..... SML AUTO SALES is about you!

Find the right car for you

SML Auto Sales main mission in business is to provide the absolute best pre-owned / used  vehicle possible. We understand the significance a car play's in everyone's lives. Nobody wants to spend their hard earned money on a car that's going to give them more troubles then they have. We work hard from the beginning.. at the first stage... " The Buying." We shop at the same major reputable auctions as every other major dealer shops. Before purchasing a vehicle , it's inspected by our buyer bumper to bumper to make sure it meets the qualifications of what we like to sell. A big difference between SML AUTO SALES and the other dealers is we don't have all that overhead they have. This allows us to have the prices we do and work the deal's we do. Which is all a big benefit to all our customer's. Operating out our office & shop is a great advantage for us. When we purchase a vehicle it's taken directly back to the shop where the mechanic's do a complete more thorough inspection. Whatever needs to be done to make sure we're selling the best pre-owned  / used vehicle is done at that very point. So just know when you are interested in one our vehicle's , have a little piece of mind that we've done everything we could to make sure we're selling what we believe to be a great car. We take our business very seriously and stand behind our vehicle's even after the sale. We've sold many cars in the last 6 year's and have many happy customers driving a vehicle we sold them. Not only would we like to sell you a vehicle , but we'd like to win your business again , your families business , and all your friend's business as well. Thank you for your interest in our cars. Sincerely.