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Web Lot

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Our company started off as a very small business with out much funding, almost like we were just there to help out friends and family that needed to get their car situation straightened out. Now we have grown into a successful business and have access to every major auction house in the U.S. Now we shop at the same venues as all the " Big Guy's " in town. To our advantage and to the customer's favor , we are a Web Lot . That means we don't have to charge top dollar for a top dollar car to cover a overhead of a big reatail spot and all the extra employees. We operate out our central office in Marietta. Because our low overhead cost , the customer wins without even having to haggle over a price. Our cars are priced to sell..not break your wallet or purse.

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Car's can tell you a lot about people

A person's car can tell you quite a bit about that particular person. Everyone has a certain taste that applies to the type of car that you want to drive or be seen in. Some people want to be seen in that new flashy sports car to make sure that everyone not only knows who they are, but what they drive. Some people need that rugged SUV to help get them to the places they like to travel to have some fun in the sun. Then there are also the people that want to keep it very low key and not stand out of the crowd.

All you really need to find out is what type of car is it you'd like?

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Sports Cars

Do you feel the need for speed? Do you feel like one of the only things that matters is how fast your car can go and how great it looks while it is getting you to your location?

For the right people that is indeed very important and at SML Auto Sales we can find that great sports car for you right now!!

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Great Gas Mileage

Or are you looking for a great value for your car? Maybe one that gets you 400+ miles per fill up on a tank of gas. Don't worry about that, because we have you covered there as well.

For the right people that is indeed very important and at SML Auto Sales we can find you that great gas mileage car as well.